İlhami Soykan Barlas1, Ebru Asmaz1, Ayşe Sinangil2, Ahmet Vedat Çelik2, Tevfik Ecder2

1İstanbul Bilim Üniversitesi, Şişli Florence Nightingale Hastanesi, Genel Cerrahi Anabilim Dalı, Böbrek Nakli Merkezi, İstanbul, Türkiye
2İstanbul Bilim Üniversitesi, Şişli Florence Nightingale Hastanesi, İç Hastalıkları Anabilim Dalı, Nefroloji Ünitesi, İstanbul, Türkiye

Keywords: Diabetes; simultaneous kidney and pancreas transplantation; treatment.


Type 1 diabetes, characterized with the loss of pancreatic islet cells and advanced with microvascular and macrovascular complications, is an autoimmune disease that can cause end stage renal failure. These patients have a chance to survive with hemodialysis and insulin therapy, but they may suffer from many co-morbidities and low quality of life. In this group of patients, simultaneous pancreas kidney transplantation is the only treatment modality that improves the quality and duration of life, providing normo-glycemic blood levels and dialysis-free life span. In this paper, we reviewed a simultaneous pancreas kidney transplanted case, the operation technique, treatment outcomes, and new trends.